what is addiction

What is Addiction?

What is an addiction? You can ask this question to several people and receive several different answers. Some may say addiction is an inability to cope with emotions and everyday life, while others say addiction is a disease that you are born with. Here at USA Addiction, we believe there are many factors involved when dealing with addiction. To try and pinpoint addiction into one specific category, would be similar to sending everyone with an addiction issue to the same rehab center and treating all of these patients with the same treatment plan, whether or not they have a substance addiction, process addiction, or even a dual diagnosis.

The Stigma of Addiction

The stigma that comes along with the word addiction is a very negative one. In fact, this stigma is so negative that people suffering from addiction have died because they were too ashamed to seek help and admit they had a problem. Close family members may have even tried to hide or keep their loved one’s addiction a secret, for the mere fact that they might get blamed for not raising that individual properly. Over the last few years, this stigma is being broken down. People are no longer hiding behind closed doors. In fact, with the help of social media and awareness groups, people are stepping forward and admitting how they struggled and are urging others to get the help they need.