women's addiction treatment

Women’s Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Women’s Addiction Treatment?

Although there are many addiction treatment centers to choose from, choosing to attend a women’s addiction treatment center can be beneficial in many ways. By attending a women’s only addiction treatment center, you will be able to form a bond with the other women in the program that are also battling their addiction. This may not sound like a key factor in building a sober life, but it is. Forming a bond with the other women in the program allows you to enjoy activities together, share your experiences, past, and present, work through issues together, form a strong support group, and many other benefits. Having a strong support group of women will allow you to focus on healing yourself, by asking for advice or simply talking about an issue with other women that can relate to you and your issues. Some of you may ask, well can’t you do these things with a co-ed group? Yes, you can, but certain people may not be able to open up about their issues as much or will feel too uncomfortable to address issues in order to maintain a certain image in front of the men in the group.

Another reason to consider attending a women’s addiction treatment program is to lessen the distractions around you. Some people feel that when they are a few weeks sober, that they can go back to their normal routine and can even start dating. With only a few weeks sober, you are still healing and finding yourself, now is not the time to take on a new relationship and their addiction issues as well. Addiction treatment programs frown upon forming an inmate relationship, but some people will find ways around the center’s rules. The point is that you do not need a distraction like this. Attending and participating in an addiction treatment program should be about you and you alone. You cannot fully heal and move forward if you are dealing with the stress of a new relationship.

By attending a women’s addiction treatment program you will also be able to address issues that women will be able to relate to better than men, including body image issues, sexual abuse, and other issues that pertain to women. We are not saying the men do not go through these issues, because they do as well, but some females feel more comfortable and safe in expressing these issues with other females.

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