faith based addiction treatment

Faith Based Addiction Treatment

Why Choose a Faith Based Addiction Treatment Program?

If you have an addiction problem and have a strong spiritual background, or are interested in a certain faith, faith-based addiction treatment may be the right solution for you. Here at USA Addiction, we work with many faith-based addiction treatment facilities, nationwide.  If you have a loss of faith, but you still have not been able to overcome your addiction, you may be let down or disappointed in your spiritual beliefs. The purpose of faith-based treatment is to help you enhance your relationship with God and overcome your addiction. With the practices done at a traditional drug or alcohol treatment facility and the spiritual approach to addiction recovery, a faith-based treatment can help you with your addiction while strengthening and supporting your faith. This combination can work very well for you, if you are willing and wanting to get sober and are able to embrace religious teaching. Some treatment options you may encounter while away at rehab are:

  • Drug counseling
  • Drug addiction education
  • Education on spiritual principles
  • Participation in religious study, prayer, or mediation
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention skills

While in treatment, you will go about your drug or alcohol addiction from a spiritual aspect.  Each of the facilities we work with here at USA Addiction have a different structure on how they go about their recovery process. The most important aspect when looking for a faith-based treatment facility to find one that accepts your religious beliefs. The faith-based facilities that we work with are tailored for people who already have a past on practicing a certain faith and belief or people that are interested in a certain religion that will commit to learning those religious beliefs.

There are many benefits in choosing to go to a faith-based addiction treatment facility. Being able to practice your beliefs while gaining sobriety in your life, may be more comfortable for you while at treatment. You might receive the same treatment at another facility, but a faith-based treatment facility will have the same or shared values you view on religion. The end goal of any addiction treatment facility is to have you live the rest of your life clean and sober. While away at the treatment center you are surrounded by other people and patients who all have the same end goal of getting you sober. Seeing others go through the same process as you and having the support of others to keep fighting provides comfort and strength in their beliefs to become and stay sober. Some benefits that patients may experience from going to a faith-based addiction treatment facility according to the AA Big Book, include:

  • Serenity and a new world outlook
  • Less selfish behavior and less self-seeking
  • Newfound happiness and freedom
  • No longer regretting past decision
  • The ability to help others, to feel useful
  • No more fear of people, places, and things

To find a faith-based addiction treatment facility for you, call us now and discuss the options we have available for you or a loved one. If you want to learn more about the faith-based facilities we work with, call us at 888-374-3252 and ask to speak with one of our addiction specialists.