christian addiction treatment

Christian Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Christian Addiction Treatment?

There are several addiction treatment options to look into while finding the right treatment facility for you. If you already have a relationship with God or if you are looking to the Christian religion for help, there are Christian addiction treatment facilities.  Christian based treatment helps grow the patient’s relationship with God in efforts to escape their past addiction. We work with many facilities that allow you to express your Christian belief and provide spiritual guidance.

Inpatient Christian addiction treatment programs are known to be an effective form of treatment for recovery. One of the unique features of Christian treatment is the Christ-focused approach to addiction recovery while going through clinical therapies combined with philosophy and teachings of scripture. By adding the power from God you are able to find the power and will inside of you. Being able to look back on your past addiction and all the low points you have hit, patients are able to quickly feel God’s love while in recovery. Christian addiction treatment’s spirituality combined with traditional recovery methods to help clients find God in the midst of the intensely emotional, physical, and psychological pain.

Normally, a Christian addiction treatment program takes between 30 to 90 days. Your time spent there may be longer, depending on the dependency of your past addiction. Typically Christian inpatient rehabs consist of detoxification, if needed, individual and group therapy, relapse prevention training, and other methods to help you stay sober. There are also many featured programs they may offer including:

  • Bible study
  • Christian fellowship
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Workshop services
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Life skills training

The benefits of Christian addiction treatment for those looking to embrace their religious beliefs are tremendous. If you are looking to find out more about the Christian beliefs and see what God has to offer for you, this treatment option might be best for you. You are surrounding yourself in a community of people who all share the same religious beliefs and have the end goal of wanting to become sober. Being able to pray for each other while in the treatment program becomes a key part of healing. Recovery does not stop once you leave treatment. There are many aftercare programs to join once your complete treatment. Some of these programs include 12-step programs, continuing group and individual therapy, maintaining your Christian faith, and more.

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