12-step addiction treatment

12-Step Addiction Treatment

Why Choose a 12-Step Addiction Treatment Program?

Many treatment centers incorporate the 12-step program model into their treatment approach. 12-step addiction treatment programs are part of the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are many different forms of this approach including Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Nicotine Anonymous, and many other programs. The main philosophy of the 12-step program stresses individual accountability, humility, abstinence, powerlessness over addiction, honesty, and connection with a high power.  This is very successful with many people, but there are some that struggle with it due to the religious structure of the program.

12-step addiction treatment programs were founded in the 1930’s, by a man named Bill Wilson,  aka Bill W. Wilson was like most alcoholics and addicts, lost and hopeless.  He wrote about all the positive and negative effects you experienced when dealing with alcoholism. He would visit patients in New York hospitals and document what they were going through since alcoholism or addiction was not considered a disease. Bill W. based his program off of what would later be known as the Big Book. He developed the 12-steps off concepts he learned about from a 6-step program that was conducted by the Oxford group. The original 12-step program came from a Christian based inspiration that sought out help from a higher power for people dealing with addiction problems. Bill W. developed the Big Book to give to people who were not able to attend meetings, but it later became the guidelines and structure for the 12-step program.

The 12-step model is for addicts to be able to help one another maintain living substance-free lives again and maintain sobriety. The program has a spiritual or religious element and is focused on getting an addict sober again while commenting to help from a high power.

The 12-steps shortened up stands for; powerlessness, hope, surrender, inventory, confession, readiness, asked god, amends list, make amends, continue inventory, keep contact, and help others.  There are many positives to take away from the program.  12-step programs are located everywhere nationwide, making them one of the most sought out and attended meetings for addicts.

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