heroin addiction


Heroin is a very dangerous drug and unfortunately heroin addiction is sweeping across the United States at a very fast pace. In fact, heroin addiction is so serious right now that the CDC has declared heroin addiction an epidemic. Just like other drugs, heroin affects the lives of many people, not just the person using the drug. As of lately, social media is bringing this situation to light. Videos are flooding Facebook and even the news stations of heroin addicts passed out in cars, sometimes with the needles still in their arms and sometimes with toddlers in their backseats. These images and videos are heart breaking as you see the look on the child’s face as he sits in silence, as his caregivers are in the front seat passed out from using heroin. While this is no new event that is happening, people are now choosing to highlight this issue through social media, to show the nation that heroin is a problem and that we need to deal with this horrible epidemic.

heroin epidemic

The Addictive Past of Heroin’s Beginning

Heroin comes from the poppy plant, which is also how opium and morphine are made. Heroin was produced by the Bayer pharmaceutical company to combat and treat tuberculosis. Another reason heroin was brought onto the scene was to combat the addictive drug, morphine. The vicious truth to this situation is that morphine was brought onto the scene to combat opium addiction. This vicious cycle does not end there either. Now detox centers are using methadone to combat heroin addiction, which also has addictive properties. Detox centers are using methadone to combat heroin addiction because the withdrawal symptoms from heroin are very painful and life-threatening. On the other hand, people are stating that supplying methadone is just a quick fix or simply trading one drug addiction for another.

As stated before, heroin comes from the resin of the poppy plant and can appear in a few different forms. In heroin’s purest form, it is a white powder. The most common form heroin appears as is gray, brown, or black. The different colors of heroin depend on what the heroin is being mixed with. That is what makes this drug even more dangerous. You never truly know what you are introducing into your system. It could be heroin mixed with sugar, caffeine, or something even worse. While heroin is most commonly injected with a needle, it can also be snorted or smoked. Other common names for heroin include:

  • Brown sugar
  • Hell dust
  • H
  • Smack
  • Junk
  • Thunder
  • Big H

While heroin makes the user feel sociable and gives heighten sensations, it quickly breaks down the body to a mere skeleton. After the first initial rush from using heroin, the user then goes into a drowsy, relaxed state for several hours, but once that fades the withdrawal kicks in immediately. The withdrawal symptoms are not only physical but mental. Withdrawal can include extreme discomfort, pains in the joints, restlessness, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The Dangers Beyond the Drug

While heroin itself is a very addictive and dangerous drug, the method of how this drug is commonly delivered into the system is also very dangerous. People using heroin often share the needles they use to inject the drug into their system. By sharing dirty needles, people are opening themselves up to AIDS, hepatitis C, and other contagious infections. By sharing needles, we are not just fighting a heroin addiction; we are fighting an AIDS outbreak.

The Next Chapter

Heroin addiction is very difficult and dangerous. Let us help you through this difficult process. Heroin treatment is available and can get you on a wonderful path to sobriety. Call now at 888-374-3252 to find the treatment center that will help you through this process.