meth addiction treatment

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

Why Choose Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment?

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive stimulant drug. Other common names for the drug are meth, ice, crank, or most common, speed. The use of methamphetamine can be in many forms, such as rocks, powders, or crystals. The most common use of meth is done by smoking. Long-term abuse of methamphetamine is very dangerous, that is why it is important to seek methamphetamine addiction treatment. Someone who is abusing meth may experience severe side effects including, depression, memory loss, aggression, severe tooth decay, hyperactivity, psychosis, live damage, anxiety, insomnia, and more.  Long-term users of methamphetamine may experience various cognitive and emotional problems. Test and studies have been conducted on methamphetamine and have found that the use of meth could lead to functional and structural damage to the memory and emotion parts of the brain. Methamphetamine is popular amongst addicts for is the intense stimulating effect from the brain releasing a chemical called dopamine. The high can last anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.

Before entering methamphetamine addiction treatment, the abuser must admit they have a problem and would like help. Then, one of our addiction specialists will speak with you and your loved one to figure out the best treatment facility that meets all of their needs. The first major step in gaining sobriety is the process of detoxification. During meth detox, the body will begin to clear the body of all the unwanted chemicals that are left from long-term abuse.  The purpose of the detoxification process is to release the physical dependency of meth. The abuser will experience symptoms of withdrawals that may range from minor or severe, depending on their use. Medical staff will be on site in case the withdrawal symptoms become too intense or in case of an emergency. This is an important process in healing the body’s addiction to meth. Once the process of detoxification is completed, treatment starts to focus more on the patient’s emotional dependency and where the addiction steamed from.

Once the body is free from its chemical dependency, the treatment program will begin one on one therapy and group therapy sessions that will help the doctors and specialists understand the abuser’s past addiction. By attending therapy and other support groups at the treatment facility, the abuser is learning new life skills to begin living a substance-free life. Learning new ways to manage stress and triggers is a huge advantage to staying sober. Call now and learn about the methamphetamine addiction treatment centers that are available.

Here at USA Addiction, we believe that treatment does not stop after leaving the facility. We recommend attending an aftercare program like one on one therapy, group therapy session, 12 step programs, or meetings. It is very important to maintain sobriety and continue focusing on the tools and values learned while at treatment. The aftercare programs are there to help improve day to day life and help create a support system.

If you or somebody you love are struggling or showing signs of addiction to methamphetamine or other drugs, please call us here at 888-374-3252. Our experienced addiction specialists are here to take your free, confidential phone call and begin your journey to sobriety.