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Linda Bushway

Accredited Drug Addiction Coach

Accredited Drug Addiction Coach

My name is Linda Bushway, and I have been sober since July 20, 2000!
Five years sober, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer.
And in the year 2012, I was run over by a car while walking my dog.

True to the word, I am definitely a survivor!

Throughout the last 18+ years, I have worked with countless women, sharing my hope, strength, and experience. Being an active member of a 12 step program, it has always been so important to me to give back, that which has so freely been given to me.

Staying in recovery and helping families into recovery is very important to me.  I have been across the country staging interventions for families and getting their addict into treatment.  Just recently I earned my national certification as a family recovery coach. I also am presently working on certification as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Addiction kills people – as it did one of my sisters. And certainly my years as an active alcoholic I hurt many, many people.   But recovery is possible, and I am here to help. Recovery can then become the best time of your life, as it has for me!

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