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Jay Means

 Drug Addiction Counselor and Coach

Drug Addiction Counselor and Coach

I am very passionate about helping everyone struggling with substance abuse/mental health illnesses or co-occurring issues whether it be the family suffering at the hands of a struggling loved one or the addict.  I understand addiction from both sides of the spectrum, being an addict in recovery and performing substance abuse Interventions on the people I love the most.  Everyone I speak with is saving my life day in and day out, so I thank the people that I am honored to spend time with.

  • Indiana University School of Public Health, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (BSK)
  • Addiction Counselor in Training (ACIT)
  • Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach (NCFRC)
  • Counselor for 8 years in this niche of the healthcare industry
  • Interventionist
  • Helped 8,000+ families in my career.
  • In recovery for 1 year plus


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