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The Benefits of Out of State Addiction Treatment

Deciding which addiction treatment center to attend is a very difficult decision. One of the first questions to ask yourself is: Will I attend an in-state addiction program or an out of state addiction program? While some people say attending an in-state rehab is cheaper and more convenient, that should not be your main focus. We are talking about your life here. Do you really want something cheap and convenient when battling your addiction or do you want the best possible outcome on your journey to sobriety? While in state rehabs work for certain individuals, you have to know where you are at in your addiction. If you are just starting your journey to recovery or have relapsed, out of state addiction treatment might be the right solution for you.

Your environment has a lot to do with your sobriety. By changing the people, places, and things in your life, you can see a new outlook on life without the distractions of your everyday life continually intruding on your recovery process. Escaping from reality is what addicts crave. They avoid uncomfortable situations and feelings and resort back to their drug of choice. By attending an out of state addiction treatment center, you will not be able to escape as easily as before. You cannot run to your dealer or friends you share your addiction with or even rely on family members or friends to bail you out of situations, which brings up the next reason to attend an out of state rehab. Enablers, your family and friends mean well, but they are enabling you and allowing you to live comfortably in your addiction. Relocating away from your friends and family for a while will allow you to become more independent and find yourself.

Distance also creates a good barrier when in addiction treatment. Some patients want to give up and believe recovery is not right for them, so they will leave treatment as soon as it gets uncomfortable. While an out of state rehab cannot demand that they stay in treatment, the cost of transportation to get home is a factor that might make them stay, because they cannot simply walk or take a bus home and they most likely do not know anyone in the area to stay with.

An out of state center also allows you to take in new scenery that might affect you in a positive way. You might find that hiking or surfing is something you find extremely fun and relaxing. By adding these activities into your daily life, you will be able to find a different source to rely on other than drugs or alcohol to help you get through difficult situations or feelings. You will also build a bond with the other patients in the program with you. This allows to you have a strong support group to turn to in a time of need or even to engage in sober activities together.

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