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The Price of Addiction vs. The Price of Addiction Treatment

Working in the addiction field, one of the main blocks people run into when seeking addiction treatment for themselves or other is the price. While there is a bit of sticker shock when looking at prices of certain places, if you add up the costs of their daily expenses you are currently paying, would it be much different than the cost of sending them to rehab?

Let’s face it, costs add up quickly, but when it’s $20 here and $40 there, you might now notice it or have the time to sit there and mark down just how much the addition is costing you. You might think that their addiction is not costing you anything, because you are not paying for their drugs and alcohol, but you are paying for their addiction. By paying their rent or allowing them to live with you, you are allowing them to live comfortably in their addiction. They are not being held accountable for the actions or responsibilities as an adult. Besides rent, there are many other ways you could be paying for their addiction without even realizing that you are, like paying their medical bills, cellphone bills, health insurance, food, legal fees, damage fees, and more.

USA Addiction decided that we needed to give people the tools to see just how much they really spend on their loved one’s addiction. You can now go to our Addiction Calculator and input your responses to see how much you spend monthly, yearly, even 10 years from now on their addiction. You might argue that paying for their food is not contributing to their addiction, but ask yourself this: If your loved one was a responsible adult, would you be paying for their food every day? Also, if you give them money for food, the chances of them using it to buy food is low and that is one of the scariest aspects of addiction. A person can be starving, but if you give them money for food, more often than not, they will go spend it on drugs or alcohol, instead of food.

By answering the addiction calculator honestly, you will be able to see just how much you spend on their addiction and can compare it to the price of addiction treatment. Most people find that addiction treatment is much cheaper than continuing to pay for their addiction. If the price is still a concern, call us now and we will discuss other options that you may not know about, including grants, loans, and treatment centers that are covered by your insurance that will cost you very little out of pocket.

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