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Alcohol Addiction

If your loved one has a habit of drinking too much it is important that you recognize the early signs of alcohol addiction and seek a proper alcohol intervention on their behalf.

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Alcoholism Is A Serious Disease

Alcoholism is a condition when a person is addicted to the consumption of alcoholic drinks.  Studies have proven the beneficial effects of alcohol to the human body, it is the over consumption that causes a problem.  It can alter the brain chemistry of the dependent person to the point of losing control.  Hence, alcohol dependence sets in which can lead to severe complications even death!

Alcoholism varies from person from person.  Some may drink a lot in a day or on successive days while others may binge drink now and then manage to stay sober for a certain period of time.  A person who is suffering from this condition should seek alcohol addiction intervention immediately before the next bad scenario happens.

Getting addicted to alcohol is a serious disease.  Evidence shows that genetics, sex, psychological state, and behavior are factors alcohol addiction  Scientists and medical experts still can’t pinpoint a single cause why an individual is predisposed to such condition.
Whatever the cause is or how the addiction has progressed the affected person needs help to get sober.  Someone from the family must intervene and get treatment for alcohol addiction today and save their loved one from the intoxicating and devastating effects of alcoholism.


Know These Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction Before It’s Too Late

Getting addicted to the hard stuff can be potentially lethal.  Unlike prohibited substances like cocaine and heroin, its symptoms are not immediately recognized since drinking is a widely accepted social custom.  It’s very important for the family of the affected person (and even the addict themselves) to be aware of these tell-tale signs of alcohol addiction so that you’ll know when to step in and seek alcohol addiction intervention:

1. Neglecting day-to-day responsibilities because of heavy drinking –Unable to show up at school or work.  Having poor performance in class or office, skipping out scheduled activities even neglecting your kids or other members of the family because the affected person is always inebriated.

2. Consuming alcohol during life-risking situations –DUI is a classic example when it comes to this matter, but it’s also applicable in situations when a person mixes alcohol with prescribed medicines and operating industrial machinery while intoxicated.

3.Continuing to drink even if it’s already causing relationships to break –It’s pretty common for a wife or girlfriend to see their partners getting drunk with friends, does this happens more often than the usual?  It’s a signal that your loved one is in need of alcohol addiction intervention.  If the affected person chooses to drink even if his/her action is already causing a rift in family relations, then it’s time to inquire about treatment for alcohol addiction.

4. Turning to alcohol to escape stress – If a person resorts to heavy drinking often after having a conflict with their partner, being scolded by their boss at work or after having a tough day.   This is an indication that they are in need of help and must undergo alcohol addiction intervention immediately.


Our love affair with alcoholic drinks can be traced back through ages, but if taken in excessive amounts the same liquors that bring life to simple gatherings and joyous occasions can also decimate human life.  In fact, 19 million Americans are now suffering from alcohol addiction.  It is a condition that should not be taken lightly.  If your loved one has a habit of drinking too much, it is important that you recognize the early signs of alcohol addiction and seek a proper alcohol addiction intervention treatment for their behalf.

Other Recurring Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction:

USA Addiction specializes in providing intervention treatment for common addictions such as:

  • Increased quantity and frequent consumption to achieve the same state of drunkenness.
  • High alcohol tolerance.
  • Drinking in unlikely situations such as having it in the morning or drinking before going to church.
  • Preferring to attend occasions where there is alcohol and avoiding events with no alcohol.
  • Choosing to be with friends who also drink heavily.
  • Development of negative emotions like depression.
  • Increased lethargy
  • Being heavily dependent on alcohol in order to function productively.

Another aspect that is often neglected in alcohol addiction is physical dependence.  The person increases the “dosage” of alcohol, they are more likely compelled to drink as their body is already craving for it.  It is important to know these warning signs so you can provide the best treatment for alcohol addiction possible to the affected person.

Early Treatment For Alcohol Addiction Is The Key For Recovery

Early intervention is always recommended.  Those who have experienced it longer may find it hard to break.  Long-term alcohol addiction is treatable with the help of the family and with a capable intervention company like USA Addition.
The first step should always be the willingness of the addict to want help.  Unless there is an initiative to recover, the treatment won’t be as effective as expected.

The path to sobriety depends on the person’s ability to fight alcohol addiction.  It is very important that family member show support and must be ready to make certain adjustments in life to make the alcohol addiction intervention effective and to help their loved ones free from alcoholism for a lifetime.


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