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Introducing Linda Bushway

The process is not as bad as people think it really is. We help many families get the help they desperately need, and it really just starts with a nice phone call. The worst thing that can happen on this first call is you can vent to someone who really cares and has an unbiased opinion. Trust us when we say that there is literally nothing that we have not heard when talking about addiction. The best thing that can happen – You or your loved one get the help for addiction.

Our Biggest Nightmare

We dread to get that one call or text that says Johnny or Theresa passed away from an overdose. These messages are the ones that we get that keep most of our counselors up at night. These are the messages that our counselors get really mad at because it could have been avoided. Johhny/ Theresa did not have to die, they could have been in treatment and safe.

Stop What You Are Doing

Praying, Talking to friends, arguing, does not work.

You need professional help. We will help you get your life and family back. No more sleeping at night with your purse/ wallet under your pillow. No more wondering if the next call will from a police officer or worse a coroner.

We are professional and will get them into treatment and coach you and your family how to handle addiction.

Hope – The best thing to fight addiction

We cannot tell you how many times we hear “you are our last hope”, or “we have given up hope”. Addiction is a mean mindset to battle, it attacks all levels and appears in many various forms. By the time a family member contacts us they have tried everything that they know to help, they have already reached out to other family members, friends, priests, and even doctors. With addiction, a family unit MUST stick together and with that unity, the hope for recovery will prevail.

Low Attention Span

In our industry, we see a lot of people that have been in recovery for a while and it seems that a majority of them suffer from this. Through years of addiction, an addict does develop a need for instant gratification. Do habits of years of addiction and needing a fix right away do this or does the years of altering your brain chemistry affect the way an addict in recovery is able to hold their attention span?

Gratitude and life problems

In life, everyone encounters ups and downs. Depending on the person dealing with these issues each situation is handled differently. Addiction can cause you to handle these issues very differently, usually by avoidance or using their drug of choice. Gratitude will allow you to help address the problems by accepting the problem and try and looking on the brighter side issues.

Addiction Alert

Jay Means and Herb Stepherson discuss how the epidemic of addiction is on the rise and everyone needs to be aware.

Stop doing what you are doing.

Sometimes it is easier to try and ignore the problem because it makes us uncomfortable. But the reality is that addiction just becomes worse and has bigger consequences.