Substance Abuse Treatment FAQs

How does USA Addiction protect my privacy?
• USA Addiction makes it the main priority to keep all of your information private according to our Private Policy. We do not share any of your information provided to us without consent from you.

How much will treatment cost?
• You can’t put a price tag on your life. With that said, the cost of addiction treatment can vary on many factors. Some factors that play into effect are the type of treatment, where it is located, how long you stay for, and other factors that can affect the cost. We cannot say the exact cost of treatment until we verify all of your insurance information. To make the verification process easier, we can do a free insurance verification. If you choose to, you may also pay out of pocket if you don’t have proper insurance.

How do I know if I am addicted to alcohol?
• Alcohol can be both physically and psychologically addictive. Some symptoms you may experience are cravings, higher alcohol tolerance levels, worrying when you are going to have your next drink, or waking up and having a drink. Alcohol is the most common substance that is abused in the USA.

How do I know if I am addicted to drugs?
• There are many different types of drug addiction. The two main forms of drug addiction are using and abusing illegal drugs like, cocaine, meth, crack, and other street drugs and abusing pharmaceutical or prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Xanax, antidepressants, and many more. Some signs of drug abuse include: not using medications in the way they are prescribed, borrowing or stealing money to pay for drugs, you cannot stop yourself from using the drug even if you want to, sleeping too much or not enough. The first step to recovery is to pick up the phone and call USA ADDICTION.

How long does addiction treatment take?
• Drug and alcohol rehab services and treatments take anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The facilities and treatment centers will determine how long your treatment needs to last. In some cases, it can be longer than 90 days and can also involve outpatient or aftercare programs after your inpatient stay.

Is there a list of addiction treatment facilities?
• We do not have a list of all the addiction treatment facilities that we work with. USA Addiction’s main goal is to have you start living a substance-free life. We are not directly affiliated with rehabilitation facilities and detox centers. We work with the best facilities nationwide so we can find the best treatment center for you.

What insurance can I obtain to cover the cost of addiction treatment?
• USA Addiction is a referral service for individuals looking to get their life back and start living an addiction-free life. We are not legally licensed to sell insurance for medical coverage, but we work closely with top insurance providers that can look into getting you covered if you currently are not. Once we verify your insurance we can then being to look into the best addiction treatment facility for you.

Can USA Addiction help individuals without insurance?
• We can work with our insurance coordinator and find an insurance plan that works for you. We can also find treatment centers that offer financial assistance or cash pay discounts, along with getting you in touch with lenders to finance your treatment.

I need detoxification, can USA Addiction help me?
• Yes. Here at USA Addiction, we do not recommend self-detoxification. The process of detoxification can be a very painful and dangerous process without proper medical attention. Most of our addiction treatment programs offer medical detoxing to help start your journey to overcome your addiction. If you are interested in an addiction treatment program that does not offer detox, we will find a detox center for you, then you can transfer to the treatment center of your choice.

What is the process USA Addiction takes in order to find a proper treatment facility for me?
• At USA Addiction, it is our priority to find the proper treatment facility to meet your requirements, to help you on your journey to recovery. When you take the first step and pick up the phone, you will talk with one of our well-trained addiction coordinators. While speaking with one of our specialists, they will ask you a series of questions about yourself and your addiction to help understand your situation. Once we get all the proper information and verify your insurance, we will then find the treatment facility that is the best fit for you.

What is the difference between inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs?
• Inpatient treatment programs require you to live and stay on the treatment facility grounds while receiving proper rehabilitation. Outpatient treatment allows the patient to live at home and continue working or going to school while traveling back and forth to their facility to receive the proper treatment. Inpatient treatment is also more intensive and focuses on healing the patient first, before worrying about working or going to school. The decision to go to outpatient or inpatient program relies on where you are at in your recovery process.