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By picking up the phone and calling us, you have done more to help yourself than you think. Calling one of our knowledgeable coordinators, they will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have a better life in the future.

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Our Certified Addiction Counselors are available to help you understand the entire Treatment Process.

Enabling an Addict

As parents this part of life is hard. You see your child lying, stealing and manipulating you and the rest of the family, but yet it feels as if you cannot move. You want to do something, you know you have to do something. but yet you just sit idle. You know you have to do something but that short time of peace you get when they are gone or in their room is priceless.

Just because your child is an addict does not mean you failed. It means they need help and it happened so slowly that you adapted it into your life. This is where we come in. As a non-biased party, we help you change the roles on addiction and stop the enabling. We help you get them into treatment. We help you get your life and your child’s life back.

Stigma of Addiction

What is an addiction? You can ask this question to several people and receive several different answers. Some may say addiction is an inability to cope with emotions and everyday life, while others say addiction is a disease that you are born with. Here at USA Addiction, we believe there are many factors involved when dealing with addiction.

To try and pinpoint addiction into one specific category, would be similar to sending everyone with an addiction issue to the same rehab center and treating all of these patients with the same treatment plan, whether or not they have a substance addiction, process addiction, or even a dual diagnosis. That is why we believe not just any treatment will do. We go out of our way to find the BEST FIT so there can be a LONGER LASTING SOBRIETY

The stigma that comes along with the word addiction is a very negative one. In fact, this stigma is so negative that people suffering from addiction have died because they were too ashamed to seek help and admit they had a problem. Close family members may have even tried to hide or keep their loved one’s addiction a secret, for the mere fact that they might get blamed for not raising that individual properly. Over the last few years, this stigma is being broken down. People are no longer hiding behind closed doors. In fact, with the help of social media and awareness groups, people are stepping forward and admitting how they struggled and are urging others to get the help they need.

Living Rock Bottom

Is there really a “Rock Bottom” to an addict? They lie, manipulate, steal, eat out of garbage cans and sleep wherever they can find shelter. They have burned any bridge they had to society just for that one more hit. They have given up their lives for that euphoric feeling, that escape, that high. Sadly as parents, spouses, family, and friends, we have to sit and watch this train wreck to happen because we have been told that they must want help and unless they hit rock bottom there is nothing you can do.

This is not entirely true. You can help them before the Rock Bottom, you can help them before their life spins out of control. Please watch Herb Stepherson’s video and understand that addicts live the “Rock Bottom” life every day and they just need help.

The Right Addiction Services For Affected Individuals

By picking up the phone and calling us, you have done more to help yourself than you think. Calling one of our knowledgeable coordinators, they will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have a better life in the future. At USA Addiction, we always start the conversation by doing a quick and easy confidential assessment. Within the first couple of minutes, while speaking to one of our addiction specialists, they will ask questions to try and reveal any issues that may have started your addiction. We want to learn as much about you as possible, so we can truly understand where you are coming from and what you want out of recovery. We make sure to find the best possible fit for you or your loved ones at a price you can afford with one of our nationwide facilities. The addiction treatment facilities that we work with offering various treatment options to cater to your recovery process.  We have facilities available nationwide, so if you want to find a place near home, or you’re ready to pack your bags and get away from your current situation, our experienced Accredited Drug Addiction Coaches will be more than happy to help you. Just remember the road to recovery is not short and easy, but we will help you conquer your battle so you can start living a healthy substance-free life.

  • Our intervention services are cost-effective
  • We focus on the long-term success of the affected person
  • We are here to guide you towards the best
    treatment options
  • We offer lifetime support to the affected person and the family involved
  • We value ongoing relationship w/ families
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Men’s and Women’s Treatment
  • Many More Options Available

Intervention Services That Works

It can be hard to approach someone struggling with addiction. Although friends or loved ones mean well, they might not know what to say. The addicted person might also deny that they have a drug or alcohol problem, making open conversation difficult.

If simply talking to the person with the problem doesn’t work, a group intervention is an effective next step. Interventions also show addicts how their actions affect those they care about. The goal is to help the person struggling to get into addiction recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Intervention planning
  • Sober Family reintegration
  • Online Counseling
  • Case management
  • Sobriety coaching/monitoring
  • Selecting a treatment center
Lynda Sward

Lynda Sward

Clinical Director

My personal mission statement includes that of “whatever it takes.” I firmly believe in the power of personal spirituality, hope, and faith. I will refute that history does not mark the individual nor does it negate his values, purpose in life, or his future. One is not the mark of his addiction.  The family, while typically operating in the center of the noise and chaos of addiction, must learn the value of actualizing their own needs and purpose, moving outside of the dance of chaos and enabling the addict. Without family work, family education, and aftercare, the disabling cycle continues. I continually provide services for Interventionist, individuals, and families following the formal intervention process to provide a framework for family reunification, support, and processing to address codependence and to address and heal the fragility of the family network for those dealing with addiction in their lives.

Jay Means

Jay Means

Accredited Drug Addiction Coach

I am very passionate about helping everyone struggling with substance abuse/mental health illnesses or co-occurring issues whether it be the family suffering at the hands of a struggling loved one or the addict. I understand addiction from both sides of the spectrum, being an addict and performing substance abuse Interventions on the people I love the most. Everyone I speak with is saving my life day in and day out, so I thank the people that I am honored to spend time with.

Herb Stepherson

Herb Stepherson

Director of Outreach

Herb is an addiction survivor himself. He fought his battle for nearly thirteen years and has been living in recovery for four years now. Since he found recovery, he has become the Published Author of  ‘Junkbox Diaries~ a Day in the Life of a Heroin Addict’, a Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach, a TEDX Speaker, the National Outreach Director for USA Addiction, and an Advocate and Consultant for Recovery to Many various Governmental Organizations.

Linda Bushway

Linda Bushway

Addiction Counselor

We are committed to give psychosocial and medical services to your loved ones and show them the way to a healthy recovery. We also guarantee that our method of intervention works as we are going to provide lifetime support.

Let Us Help You

Here at USA Interventions, we treat every addiction case personally. Our team of Counselors are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and credentials to address every addiction issue carefully.

Here is our typical timetable of providing effective intervention:

















Step 1: Consultation

Call anytime day or night to start a phone consultation.  Our team of Certified Recovery Coaches and Counselors are ready to start the process of recovery as a cohesive and united family dynamic.  Addressing issues of your struggling loved one as well as orient the whole family about the addiction and work together “as a family “ towards everyone being the healthiest versions of themselves.

Step 2: Proper Family Education

Education is key to understanding why your loved one is struggling and the best way to put a long-term solution in place as a family/team. It’s important to understand “stepping in” immediately rather than waiting for their loved ones to hit rock bottom, preventative methods are optimal. Addiction is family systemic, it affects everyone that cares about the addict. When the addict sees that his/her family is totally committed to their improvement before and after the therapy, they will also be motivated to change. If addicts feel the sincere support of their loved ones, they will be more willing to release themselves from the bonds of addiction and continue to be a productive member of the society.

Step 3: Getting Started

We offer immediate action and get the intervention process started ASAP to prevent your loved ones from being more comfortable with the addiction and save the sanity of every family member who is involved in this issue. The key to getting ahead of an addiction is to get started and put a plan in place.

Using a proven addiction treatment method like Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant and Timely (SMART) will allow families to provide active family intervention to their addicted loved ones. Treating addiction as a disease will empower the addict, but not the rest of the family. So when proper alcohol intervention or drug intervention is to be done, the family of the affected person should be willing to actively collaborate with us so we can provide the best help possible and allow the systematic healing of the family begin. Addressing a family dynamic as a whole is the fastest way to long-term recovery for the addict and the family.

Treating addiction as a sort of illness will most of the time empower the addict, but not the rest of the family. So when a proper alcohol intervention or drug intervention is to be done, the family of the affected person should be willing to actively collaborate with us so we can provide the best help possible.

Our Intervention Counselors are available to help you understand our Intervention Process.